COBIK welcomes new intern students

18. 08. 2021

Based on the past few months at our new site, we can definitely confirm that COBIK has started a new exciting period. We are happy to welcome new intern students, who joined us for the summer months. This internship gives the students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and contribute fresh, out-of-the-box perspectives.  For COBIK, this kind of collaboration is incredibly useful, since we are able to build strong human resource base with many of our summer interns returning and taking research positions after their studies.

What do our intern students think about their experience at COBIK?

Anamarija Krašna, MSc Veterinary Medicine (University of Ljubljana): Working at COBIK has definitely broadened my horizons concerning my theoretical and especially practical laboratory knowledge. I’ve gained some valuable experience that will most certainly help to further develop my career. The scientists with whom I’ve worked with on COBIK are well specialized in their field and being able to work alongside them was a true honor and has given me a great amount of contentment.

Vida Štrancar, MSc Biochemistry (University of Ljubljana): Work at COBIK is always interesting, especially for students having a strong theoretical background but lacking practical experience. Aside from routine tasks such as buffer preparation, one can learn about many microbial, biotechnological, and biochemical methods that are used routinely. Work at COBIK also gives you good perspective on what principles of good laboratory practice look like. Above all, coworkers are very nice and always ready to help, creating warm and kind work atmosphere.

Jerneja Koren, BSc Hons Immunology and Pharmacology (University of Aberdeen): COBIK represents a great team of excellent scientists working on projects that span across different fields including microbiology and manufacturing. Working alongside them as a student has given me a valuable opportunity to train in a variety of laboratory techniques and further develop my skills and knowledge. It has been an incredible experience that will definitely shape my future career and academic path.

Monika Marušič, MSc Microbiology (University of Ljubljana): Student work at COBIK is an excellent opportunity for gaining knowledge in laboratory practice. The young work team selflessly imparts knowledge and creates a positive atmosphere, which makes going to work a joy.

Neža Faganelj, MSc Molecular and Functional Biology (University of Ljubljana): I started to work at COBIK 3 years ago and every summer I keep coming back. There are nice people, young personnel and encouraging atmosphere. COBIK is small company, so atmosphere is very friendly. They are working on a lot of different projects, so working here is always interesting. I have always learnt something new, new techniques and gain new knowledge. I am grateful for opportunity of working here, for all new things I learned and all people I met.


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