Uporaba raziskovalne opreme

COBIK omogoča, da opremo, ki je kupljena iz javnih sredstev, v času razpoložljivosti brezplačno uporabljajo tudi zunanji uporabniki. V primerih, ko je rokovanje opreme povezano s posebnimi znanji in veščinami, pri delu z instrumenti sodelujejo tudi naši usposobljeni sodelavci.

Both devices (an X-ray diffractometer and a fluorescence lifetime spectrometer) have been installed at the Ajdovščina Campus of the University of Nova Gorica. At the same time, the development of measuring systems for measuring the electrical conductivity of materials in a wide temperature range is in progress.

Both of the two main research equipment installations are widely used for characterizing nanostructured and traditional materials. Neither of these pieces of equipment was available before the establishment of the CoE.

Realnočasovni visokofrekvenčni osciloskop s pasovno širino do 13 GHz, štirje kanali, vzorčenje 40 GS/s.

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.home.agilent.com/en/pd-1308212-pn-DSA91304A/infiniium-high-performance-oscilloscope?nid=-34748.749311&cc=SI&lc=eng

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Optični varilnik za spajanje standardnih in specialnih polarizacijsko ohranjajočih optičnih vlaken (PANDA, TIGER, BOW-TIE, ...). Varilnik avtomatično lahko poravnava oba konca vlaken v oseh X, Y, Z in Theta. Z varilnikom je možno variti optična vlakna z debelino obloge med 80 um in 400 um.

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.fujikura.com.sg/FSM-45PM.htm

Dodatna literatura: http://www.fujikura.com.sg/Files-Directory/FSM-45PM.pdf

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AKTA je sistem za tekočinsko kromatografijo, ki je namenjena hitremu in zanesljivemu ločevanju proteinov, peptidov ter nukleinskih kislin. Primeren je za metode, ki zahtevajo pretok do 10 ml/min ter omogoča detekcijo ustrezne valovne dolžine s pomočjo filtrov.

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.gelifesciences.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/catalog/sl/GELifeSciences-si/products/AlternativeProductStructure_17162/28406266

Dodatna literatura: http://gmi-inc.com/GE-Pharmacia-AKTA-Purifier.html

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Synergy™ H1 multidetekcijski čitalec mikrotitrskih plošč omogoča merjenje absorbance, fluorescence ter luminiscence. Omogoča inkubacijo do 45°C in stresanje. Take 3 plošča omogoča merjenje absorbance 16 vzorcev volumna 2µl ali za merjenje absorbance v kivetah.

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.biotek.com/products/microplate_detection/synergyh1_hybrid_multimode_microplate_reader.html

Dodatna literatura: http://www.biotek.com/resources/docs/E_coli_app_note_final_format-2.pdf

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Masni spektrofotometer omogoča zelo natančno masno analizo. LCMS-IT TOF zagotavlja določitev mase z visoko natančnostjo in resolucijo (10,000 pri 1000 m/z).

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.ssi.shimadzu.com/products/product.cfm?product=lcms_it_tof

Dodatna literatura: http://www.shimadzu.com/an/lcms/lcmsittof/metabo-example.html

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Spektrofluorimeter Infinite M200 PRO uporablja monokromatorski postopek detekcije za merjenje fluorescence in absorbance. Podpira mikrotiterske ploščice formata 6 do 384 lukenj.

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.tecan.com/platform/apps/product/index.asp?MenuID=2043&ID=3161&Menu=1&Item=

Dodatna literatura: http://www.tecan.com/platform/apps/product/index.asp?MenuID=1816&ID=1922&Menu=1&Item=

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The Infinite F200 PRO offers filter based detection technology. Fluorescence and polarisation can be measured on 6 to 384 well plates formats.

Reference webpage: http://www.tecan.com/platform/apps/product/index.asp?MenuID=2043&ID=3161&Menu=1&Item=

Additional info: http://www.tecan.com/platform/apps/product/index.asp?MenuID=1816&ID=1922&Menu=1&Item=

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Merilnik MTS-8000 z vgrajenim OTDR in CD modulom je primeren za natančne meritve dolžine enorodovnih optičnih vlaken (do 50 km) in meritve barvne disperzije vlakna.

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.jdsu.com/en-us/Test-and-Measurement/Products/a-z-product-list/Pages/mts-8000.aspx

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MicroTCA Starter Kit takes you on the fastest path to MicroTCA evaluation and application development. When you receive your MicroTCA Starter Kit, you'll experience a straightforward out-of-the-box installation allowing you to get up and running in no time. The system comes pre-integrated with the blades described below and a bootable Linux is loaded on to the hard disk drive. The package comes with a simple startup guide for trouble-free bring-up, test and verification. You'll soon see that the Advantech MicroTCA Starter Kit makes MicroTCA development uncomplicated and fast to deploy.

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39 ET family of chassis showcases an optimal design that addresses EMC and cooling in a highly attractive and cost effective package. 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 slot VME64x backplanes in various configurations can be mounted. 200W to 750W power supplies are standard.

  • VITA 1.1 VME64x System
  • Advanced EMC shielded 19" chassis, powder coated black (RAL 9005)
  • System platform for horizontal boards (6 U)
  • Card cage front: 160 mm
  • Card cage rear: 80 mm
  • Fan speed controlled by Elma's FanCon in order to min. noise (2 U to 5 U)
  • Depth: 298 mm
  • Air flow side to side

Reference page: http://www.elma.com/Germany/English/Products/SystemPlatforms_3/VME64x_24/949/8448.aspx

Further readings: http://www.elma.com/Admin/ProductionFiles//ProductFile/8448/English/data_sheet%20type_39_et_3u.pdf

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The Emerson Network Power MVME3100 SBC helps OEMs of industrial, medical, and defense/aerospace VMEbus platforms add performance and features for competitive advantage while still protecting the fundamental investment in VMEbus and related technologies. Customers can keep their VMEbus infrastructure (chassis, backplanes, and other VMEbus and PMC boards) while improving performance and extending the lifecycle. Also, the extended lifecycle of Emerson computing products helps reduce churns in development and support efforts resulting from frequent product changes.

Reference page: http://www.emersonnetworkpower.com/en-US/Products/EmbeddedComputing/VMEbus/Pages/EmbCompMVME3100.aspx

Further readings: http://www.emersonnetworkpower.com/en-US/Products/EmbeddedComputing/Documents/DocumentationArchive/BrochuresDataSheets/01/mvme3100-ds.pdf

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Fan-out modules distribute the timing signal generated by an Event Generator to an array of Event Receivers. The Fan-Out Concentrator module provides both a fan-out and a concentrated backwards channel from the EVRs towards an EVG. Two-way communication was introduced with the Modular Register Mapping which is currently available for the CompactPCI/PXI and PMC form factor modules.

The Fan-Out Concentrator operates as a one in - eight out fan-out and eight in - one out concentrator. Events, distributed bus bits and data buffers are concentrated and sent further towards the EVG.

Reference page: http://www.mrf.fi/index.php/compactpci-products/82-compactpci-fan-out-concentrator-cpci-fct-8

Further readings: http://www.mrf.fi/index.php/compactpci-products

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System for horizontal boards

Front: 6 U, 160 mm deep

Rear I/O: 6 U, 80 mm deep


4 slot, 6 U, 64 bit

System slot on the left

ATX power supply, 250 W

Heat dissipation by hot-swap fan unit (from left towards right).

Reference page:


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The Spartan®-6 FPGA SP605 Evaluation Kit delivers all the basic components of hardware, design tools, IP, and reference designs enabling development right out of the box. This kit provides a flexible environment for system design and provides pre-verified reference design and examples on how to leverage features such as high-speed serial transceivers, PCI Express®, DVI, and/or DDR3. This kit includes an industry-standard FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) connector for future scaling and customization to specific applications and markets.

Reference page: http://www.xilinx.com/products/boards-and-kits/EK-S6-SP605-G.htm

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The National Instruments PXI-1042 Series chassis are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of test and measurement applications. The NI PXI-1042 Series includes the PXI-1042 (extended 0 to 55 °C temperature range) and the PXI-1042Q (acoustic emissions as low as 43 dBA). The PXI-1042 Series chassis incorporate all features of the latest PXI specification, including built-in 10 MHz reference clock, PXI trigger bus, star trigger, and local bus. RT Series PXI embedded controllers deliver a flexible, rugged platform for your deterministic, real-time measurement and control applications. The NI PXI-8110 RT controller with its 2.26 GHz quad-core processor; 2 GB, 800 MHz DDR2 standard memory; and high-performance, 7200 rpm hard drive offers a high-performance platform ideal for demanding real-time test and control applications. You develop your LabVIEW application with the LabVIEW Real-Time Module on Windows and download the program to your PXI-8110 RT controller via Ethernet. The embedded code executes on a real-time OS. Thus, you use the powerful and flexible development tools of LabVIEW to build reliable, real-time solutions. NI FlexRIO hardware provides flexible, customizable I/O for NI LabVIEW FPGA. It features two parts: NI FlexRIO field-programmable gate array (FPGA) modules for PXI and NI FlexRIO adapter modules. Together, they form a high-performance, reconfigurable instrument programmable with LabVIEW FPGA software. The PXI-7954R NI FlexRIO FPGA module features a Virtex-5 LX110 FPGA and 128 MB of onboard DDR2 DRAM. The new Virtex-5 FPGA architecture is optimized to execute faster and more efficiently using single-cycle timed loops in LabVIEW FPGA. This means you can optimize more LabVIEW FPGA code to fit within Virtex-5 FPGAs and can execute more operations per clock cycle.

Reference page: http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/sl/nid/13909

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The cPCIS-2500 series 3U CompactPCI 6-slot Cubic Chassis is designed for 3U CompactPCI cards and modules without rear I/O. It is 4U in height, 237 mm deep, and suitable for bench top use or wall mounting. It is ideal for industrial or transport applications where small chassis size and versatility are important. A built in cooling system with removable filter provides maximum cooling efficiency, and the 250W cPCI power supply allows easy maintenance. The cPCIS-2500 series' ability to handle a wide range of temperatures and excellent shock and vibration characteristics make it suitable for operating in a rigorous environment. The cPCI-3965 Series is a 3U CompactPCI single board computer in single slot (4HP) or dual slot (8HP) width form factor featuring the Mobile Intel® GME965 Express chipset and low power CoreTM2 Duo or Celeron® processor(s) with 800MHz front-side bus (FSB). The cPCI-3965 provides two SO-DIMM sockets for up to 4GB of non-ECC memory, VGA + DVI dual display, true IDE CompactFlash slot, and 2.5¡¨ SATA HDD (8HP cPCI-3965D). Front panel I/O includes 2x USB, 2x GbE, VGA, and additional 2x USB, COM, KB/MS, and DVI for the 8HP cPCI-3965D model. The optional Rear Transition Module (RTM) provides 2x SATA, 1x GbE, 2x USB, and 1x COM. Two lanes PCI-Express x1 are routed to J2 and to the layer 2 board-to-board connector to allow custom I/O expansion, such as additional LAN port, or graphics functions. The cPCI-3965 Series is ideally suited for factory auto- mation, and other industrial applications.

Reference page: http://www.adlinktech.com/PD/web/PD_detail.php?pid=177

Further readings: http://www.adlinktech.com/PD/web/PD_detail.php?cKind=&pid=804&seq=&id=&sid=

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DG5102 is a multipurpose generator combining different capabilities including Function Generation, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, IQ Baseband Source/IQ IF Source, Frequency Hopping Source (optional) and Pattern Generation (optional). With single and true, independent, dual-channel models that provide adjustable phases between the two channels. The DG5102 adopts Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology, which providing stable, precise, low distortion signals. The user-friendly interface design and panel layout improves efficiency or utilize an interface for complete programmability.

Reference page: http://www.rigolna.com/products/waveform-generators/dg5000/dg5102/

Further readings: /

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Omogoča številne kemijske eksperimente, kot so: impedančne meritve, potenciostatske in potenciodinamske meritve in meritve elektrokemijskega šuma kot del amperometrične tehnike ali ciklične voltametrije.

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.digi-ivy.com/dy2100.php

Dodatna literatura: http://www.digi-ivy.com/dy2100.php

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Uporablja vidno svetlobo ter dela spektrov UV in IR. S to metodo je mogoče kvantitativno določiti koncentracijo absorbiranih delcev v raztopini. Za delo v IR spektru se uporablja pikosekundni pulzni diodni laser EPL 375.

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.edinburghphotonics.com/spectrometers/fls920-fluorescence-spectrometers/

Dodatna literatura: http://www.edinburghphotonics.com/spectrometers/fls920-fluorescence-spectrometers/

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S to nedestruktivno osnovno metodo analize dobimo osnovne podatke o kemijski sestavi (elementi, spojine in koncentracija) in kristalografski strukturi.

Programska oprema za analizo podatkov Panalytical X´Pert HighScore 2.1.b vsebuje različne baze podatkov za ovrednotenje najrazličnejših vrst materialov.

Stran proizvajalca: http://www.panalytical.com/index.cfm?pid=1343

Dodatna literatura: http://www.panalytical.com/index.cfm?pid=1342

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Graphical Processing Unit, 4 GPUs, dual PCIe x16 connection to the host PC,  Linux support, 4GFLOPS/s

Reference page:http://www.nvidia.com/object/personal-supercomputing.html

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