Centre for innovation research - CERINNO at the Laboratory for Open Innovation Systems within COBIK brings together, supports and promotes research related to innovation. It pursues and propagates both basic/fundamental scientific as well as applied resea

CERINNO aims to understand, solve and forecast the most pressing innovation-related issues. The highly skilled researchers within CERINNO focus on organizational and environmental dynamics associated with innovation and creativity processes within and around organization. The core of CERINNO is formed by researchers from the department of Management and Organization (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics) who are currently working in following research areas: non-technological innovation, micro-foundations of innovation proclivity, business model innovation, knowledge management, learning, creativity, flow and many others.

CERINNO researchers conduct innovation research at multiple levels (micro, meso, and macro) for internal department and external organizations using multi-method approaches (e.g. multilevel modeling, social network analysis, experiments, structural equation modeling, etc.). In addition, CERINNO is building strong social networks of contacts that are highly relevant for innovation area.


Coinvest Venture Days 2015

The Coinvest Venture Days bring together tech startups from ‘New Europe’* and global venture investors. In...

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